Hello… I love movies and cocktails.

At a very young age, I can remember sitting on my floral printed couch staring at the TV watching  White Christmas. I remember being mesmerized by everything that I saw – feeling  transported to a different time and place. At the time, I had no idea that I had found my love, my passion: I had fallen madly in love with the movies. My parents did me such an amazing service as I grew up watching what I can only refer to as the “classics”: Gone with the Wind, The Harvey Girls, Singing in the Rain, and my personal favorite, Sabrina. I love everything about movies, from the actors to directors, to the screen writers, and the cinematographers.  I’m in love with it all. After 20+ years of seeing countless movies, I found myself always talking about how one day I would create a blog where people can go and read about a movie to get information and not just someone’s opinion. I have also found a love and passion for making a good cocktail. My love of film and cocktails seem like a mach made in heaven. I hope that you enjoy the ride and if you feel inclined to comment or share what you’re watching or drinking that would be great too!

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